Our Instagram @healthmedline consistently gets between 5-9 million user impressions every single week, from over 4 million unique account reaches.

Our posts consistently trend on the ‘Top Posts’ section of popular hashtags such as #plasticsurgery, #fillers, #cosmeticdermatology, and more.

Our followers are highly engaged and active in the content that we post, we currently boast an impressive 12% engagement rate, significantly higher than the 1-3% average for our competition or Instagram accounts with a similar amount of followers.

Healthmedline Engagement Rate

We have worked hard to build a following of REAL people interested in the aesthetics industry, many who are actively looking to get work done.

Our posts get an average of 11,000 likes and 250 comments, and an average between 100,000-500,000 impressions, however – highly viral content can reach over a million people, and our viral posts have reached over 4 million people.

Below are real impressions and insights from some of our post insights:

Healthmedline Insights

The majority of our audience are women from the United States actively looking to get medical aesthetic work done:

Healthmedline Demographics

We have worked hard to expand our Instagram Medical Cosmetic pages, so that in addition to @healthmedline, we can also advertise your work on:




We offer advertising on our Instagram platform on a case-by-case basis to certified providers in the field of aesthetics. 

*We at HealthMedline pride ourselves in having an eye for the best work in the industry and maintain a high quality of trusted cosmetic content. We reserve the right to refuse any ad request if the work does not meet our rigorous standards.

We offer Feed posts which includes pictures and/or videos with a description of your choice, as well as a 24-hour Story that is highly visible and interactive, with a link to a website of your choice. We offer full Insights statistics on all Feed and Story posts so you can see the impact of your ad.


Single Ad – €120:


Monthly Ad – €500

(Posts included in Story “highlights” on @healthmedline + @botoxnfillers)


Premium Monthly Ad – €900 

Weekly post on ALL our network for 1 month: *BEST VALUE*

(Posts included in Story “highlights” on @healthmedline + @botoxnfillers)

(Listed as “Recommended Practice” on healthmedline.com)